~namibia color study, 5~ (sold)
6 1/2″ x 7″ gouache + acryla gouache on arches grain fin
© lisabette brinkman 2018

My paintings speak of beauty and place, of memory and solitude and loss.  Traversing rendition and abstraction, my landscapes are concerned more with the interplay between color and shape than with realistic rendering of scene.  I paint to express the poetry I find in the seas and the stars, in mountains, clouds, rivers and trees.  Both the earth’s vast beauty and the disquieting erosion of the natural world propel me.  More concerned with feeling and mystery than with explanation, my work conjures a purer realm, a world largely empty of human interference.  I paint to revisit a place and an era before our lives were filled with distraction and anxiety, striving always for that momentary peace which is a painting.




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